Restaurant : The Henry


The Henry is a new American style restaurant, cafe, bar, lounge, and everything in between. Housed in a 15,000 (no, that’s not a typo) square foot space, the restaurant has set the bar ridiculously high with its bold claim of growing into the “greatest neighborhood restaurant.” To do that, the Henry must waffle between highbrow chic and comfortable casual with great precision

The restaurant is an all-day place, with a coffee shop in one corner catering to businesspeople in The Union and to residents living or working near the Harwood District, Victory Park, Uptown and downtown. The restaurant will sell breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. The Henry seems to know its restaurant-loving audience: A bloody Mary cart can roll right up to a table for Saturday and Sunday brunch; we’ve always been suckers for a little bit of theater. There’s smashed avocado toast, because millennials. And it has three patios, one looking at the bustle on Akard Street, one looking over a quieter green courtyard, and a third on the second floor, where happy hour happens.

Customers can spend as little as $6 on an appetizer during weekday happy hour or as much as $32 on the Korean prime skirt steak at dinnertime. Beyond the coffee shop and the restaurant, the second floor has a private dining room as well as a big bar that’s open in the afternoons and evenings for cocktails. The $13 Drunken Panda is made with cucumber sake, dragonfruit tea, calamansi and lager. And, bonus: A beer comes on the side. The Almost Naked Margarita, $14, is a play on a skinny marg.

The Henry

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