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The Reiwa…

A New Era Has arrived for Japan and the rest of the world. The two characters, Rei and Wa, taken from the eighth-century work Man’yoshu, the oldest anthology of Japanese poetry, can be read as “fortunate” or “auspicious”, and “peace” or “harmony”.

I just finished this profound Documentary! Loved it & I cried for hours…A beautiful man and humanitarian that changed the course of his country’s history and its past deeds.

The Emperor of Japan abdicated on April 30, 2019. “Emperor Akihito” chronicles the life of a former “divine child” who became the symbol of the State when he ascended the throne in 1989.

Crown Prince Akihito’s childhood is spent in the shadow of a war fought in the name of his father, Emperor Showa (Hirohito). With peace comes democracy. The Crown Prince learns to balance an imperial identity with a sense of social equality. At 19, he attends Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. His first trip abroad offers him fresh insights into Japan’s place in the world, and the role of a monarch who reigns, but does not rule.

Crown Prince Akihito graduates from Gakushuin University. At a tennis tournament he meets his future wife, Michiko, who becomes the first commoner to join the Imperial Household. In another break with tradition, they raise their own children. Together, the Imperial Couple press ahead with duties in Japan and abroad, even in the face of danger. On the death of his father, Crown Prince Akihito becomes Emperor in 1989.

Crown Prince Akihito ascends to the throne in 1989 and the Heisei Era dawns. Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko devise new ways to interact with the public, and actively seek opportunities to offer comfort after earthquakes and other disasters. They make a landmark diplomatic visit to China with a message of friendship. Throughout his reign, Emperor Akihito has explored his role as the symbol of the State and of the unity of the People. Eventually, foreseeing a time when he can no longer perform his duties as he wishes, the Emperor decides to abdicate.

When : Released April 27
Where : Online
Website : Watch all 3 parts here
Price : Free

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