Spirit of the Vault: A Barboglio Event Beyond Compare


The Jan Barboglio Collection has been operating for 25 years now, but Jan has been a staple in the Dallas design world for much longer than that. She began her career in clothing design in the 1980’s with her sister, and the company reached phenomenal success nationwide. Her home décor brand emerged later out of her love for entertaining and almost by accident…she would decorate her home with her own creations…combinations of forged iron and delicate crystal, and her guests were mesmerized. The style was a hybrid of raw and refined, and it was uniquely Jan. She began making pieces for her friends, one thing led to another, and a new business was born. For the past 25 years, Jan Barboglio has expanded to include serving pieces, décor, barware, furniture, and textiles. The brand can be found in the most exclusive specialty stores, as well as in Neiman Marcus across the country. Her unique design perspective has earned her an extremely loyal following, particularly here in the DFW area.

It is her talent of combining materials that makes each object original and distinctive and has become her trademark. Old wood, honed and combined with iron, glass, crystal and stone mixed with silver and etched cut glass guarantees that every object is a “Jan Barboglio.” Through the ongoing evolution of her work, Barboglio has also been recognized for her insistence that everyday living should be easy, useful and magical.Her pieces are known to be aesthetically warm, primitively handsome and are true works of art. Of high quality and always sensuous to the touch, her works have become collectible.

Now, for only the 2nd time in the company’s history, they are opening up their warehouse doors to the public. As they expand into new categories (electrified lighting launched this spring, an expanded offering in furniture next spring), they are running out of warehouse space and need to make room to grow! Our warehouse sale will feature tons of classic Jan pieces, but also one-of-a-kind pieces that she picked up while traveling, looking for inspiration. Prices will be up to 80% off retail. It’s truly a rare and special event.

When : June 4th – June 8th, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Where : 132 Cole Street Dallas, TX 75207
Website : Jan Barboglio Collection
Price : Varies

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