September 14 : Dallas Yoga Center Beginners Series

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Recently a friend of mine was over, and she started stretching in my living room because her back was messed up. We talked about her yoga practice that began about 5 years ago. As I watched her stretch and do her poses I realized how she was struggling. I helped her the best I could. I showed her what I’ve learned over the years. Then we had a discussion on if she even knew what Yoga meant.

Yoga has become a billion dollar business and it’s interesting to me that people don’t even grasp what they are doing, especially with all this new heated jumping around yoga. First and foremost, Yoga is a spiritual practice and in Sanskrit Yoga means Union. Basically, union with your higher self. There are so many other benefits from peace of mind, stress release, and becoming more present in your body and the now. Leave it to America to change something that has been around for thousands of years.

If you want to get to the basics, tune up your yoga practice, and align with the highest consciousness of yoga, check out the Dallas Yoga Center’s Fall Season Schedule.

Dallas Yoga Center’s mission is to provide you with the highest quality yoga instruction from experienced and well trained teachers within a safe and friendly environment.

For Beginners, DYC offers a thorough and comprehensive 8 Week Beginner Series. Though not required, we recommend students new to yoga start with an 8 week series since it covers many of the yoga fundamentals including basic postures, breathing awareness, yoga philosophy and meditation. These classes are tailored towards those who have never done yoga. Those who cannot touch their toes are most welcome to attend.

When: September 14 @ 1:30PM
Where: 4525 Lemmon Ave., Dallas
Link: Dallas Yoga Center

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