JR The Texan

J. R . THE Texan

Rich, smart, dashing.

Death and Life…. life and Death
A cycle ever more!
Transcendence here and there,
To the light …everywhere!

Dallas and the death of J.R.
and our beloved Sue Ellen!
The Life of Larry Hagman and
the Resurrection of a pained City.

Fun…BEAUTY….OIL, Wealth… And Texas Karma!!!!
An ICON to behold!

The Astronaut….with a Genie in a bottle.
And the biggest, best Oil Tycoon
with a mischievous heart.

Gratitude, Love and Blessing’s
To the soul and brilliance of a great being.

A true Texan with a yellow rose delight!

With a tip of our hat,
We say Goodbye and We Salute
…..A man named Larry Hagman
and a legend named … J. R . !!!!

- Scott F. Carlson

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