Bali Bliss

Bali Bliss!

Iridescently green, lavishly lush and deeply profound.
The Land of Ten Thousand Temples!!!

Village Ubud…the bud of all.

Gods joyful smile shining thru the Balinese people,
emanating divine love …from the inside out.

Trekking thru rice fields filled with beauty and grace.
Gorgeous fluttering butterflies of all colors and sizes, guiding you along,
peeking thru ancient gates…another piece of paradise.

This  Island of Lord Ganesha,
the powerful remover of obstacles and protector.
The  majestic bestower of wisdom.
His silent wink and a boon of trust,
as senseless doubt evaporates.

Fountains, fountains and more fountains!!!

Finding and Exploring …art galleries, stone carvings, textiles,
yoga and meditation.
Creativity…a foodie’s delight.

Sacred scents of fragrant flowers, incense, coins and prayers.
Offerings, salutations, gratitude… Everywhere!

The timeless Medicine Mans powerful healing touch.

Seminyak beach waves …gigantic and bountiful.
Holy as they sound their trumpets glory.

Purnima….the full moon rises,
as the illuminous heart dances in joyful light,
showering sweet blessings in all her might.

Physical, emotion, spiritual …
A balance of the present moment,
The bliss of Bali…Bali bliss!

Scott F. Carlson
Dallas, Texas

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