Book : On Wings of Eagles


H. Ross Perot

I love this Man & all he has done for Humanity and the City of Dallas. His Humility was a great lesson for everyone, Rich and Poor. H. Ross Perot Made me proud to Vote for a President.

I read this book “On Wings Of Eagles” the year my little brother Christopher went off to play Football at The United States Naval Academy where Perot graduated.

In December 1978 two EDS executives working in pre-revolutionary Tehran are arrested on suspicion of bribery. When H. Ross Perot, head of the Dallas-based company hears about it, he decides to extract his employees regardless of cost. He orders the firm’s lawyers to find a way to meet the bail. He recruits a team of volunteers from his executives, led by a retired United States Army officer, to break them out by force, if necessary. Their plan to break the two from jail fails because of a prison transfer. The team figures out another way to rescue their colleagues. This culminates in an overland escape to Turkey. Meanwhile, riots and violence dominate the streets of Tehran escalating daily. This culminates in the Iranian Revolution. The incident attracted attention from the press when it occurred in early 1979. Bill Gaylord and Paul Chiapparone, two U.S. citizens working in Iran for Electronic Data Systems (EDS), a Dallas-based computer services corporation, were jailed on December 28, 1978. They were victims of an anticorruption drive mounted during the Shah’s last days in Iran. Stunned by these arbitrary arrests, H. Ross Perot mobilized both his and the company’s resources to get the two employees out of jail. He became personally engrossed in the effort to release Gaylord and Chiapparone.

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