Book : Sacred & Delicious

The Perfect timing & Gift for this Holiday season.

Ayurveda is the traditional system of medicine of India and seeks to treat and integrate body, mind, and spirit using a comprehensive holistic approach especially by emphasizing diet, herbal remedies, exercise, meditation, breathing, and physical therapy

Come learn how Ayurveda—the ancient medical and wellness system of India—can help you sustain or regain vibrant health…deliciously! 108 vegetarian recipes, most with vegan options. All but 2 gluten-free!

Interest in Ayurvedic cooking has exploded over the past two decades, with Deepak Chopra, Vasant Lad, Smita Naram, and other respected teachers popularizing India’s ancient wellness system across North America, Europe, and Australia. Sacred & Delicious is a food memoir, a primer on India’s traditional dietary approach to wellness, and a glorious cookbook–with 108 enticing gluten-free and vegetarian recipes (most with vegan options), and more than 60 full-page four-color photos. This book celebrates the healing power of food and spices, embodying ancient Ayurvedic wisdom while appealing to a modern American palate and dietary needs. With this book in hand, readers can sustain or regain their health and vitality . . . deliciously.

Presentation and book signing will take place November 14 (7-8pm) at Interabang Books on 10720 Preston.

Event and Book Info Here

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