Book : Surrender – A Love Letter To My Daughter


I’m a proud member of Al-Anon for many years now. An amazing and powerful healing program for those affected by family members of alcohol and drug addiction. 

Addiction affects millions of Family Members, Friends, and Lovers of the addict around this country and world. Some are lucky to hit bottom and receive help… many are not so fortunate including my older brother. 

Congratulations to Lakewood Resident and Great Timer Lou Alpert, on the publication of her memoir, Surrender: A Love Letter to My Daughter. 

Surrender chronicles Lou’s journey through her daughter’s heroin addiction and recovery. 

One of the most poignant parts of the book is the stream of texts between Lou and Crystal. For years, texting comprised the overwhelming majority of contact between mother and daughter as Crystal descended from sharing a home with a committed boyfriend to living in her car and eventually on the streets. 

Recovery is not just for the addicts. Their family members suffer collateral damage and need to heal as well. 

Sharing her story by writing Surrender was part of Lou’s healing process as were learning to accept that she cannot “fix” Crystal, setting boundaries, breaking away from her obsession with Crystal and her disease, slowing down to find gratitude, and ultimately accepting uncertainty with the future of her relationship with her daughter. 

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Dallas Al-non 

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