Crow Museum of Asian Art : Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New year. The Year of the Pig!

We really are fortunate here in Dallas to have our incredible Downtown Arts district. Fun afternoon celebrating art and this cultural new year downtown. I was able to explore the recent renovations at the Crow Museum of Asian Art and the recent exhibit.

JACOB HASHIMOTO Clouds and Chaos

Clouds have played a variety of roles as a visual element in the arts of Asia across time. As a stylized motif, clouds have often functioned as a framing device, an interstitial motif, or compositional boundary in paintings.

This exhibition’s central work, Nuvole (2006-2018) — which literally means clouds — explores these formal traditions and looks at how clouds can function as divisions of space while still serving as the apotheosis of ethereal formlessness. Like clouds of our digital age, Hashimoto’s sculpture shows how there is much to be found in both the intricate detail of minute components and the large-scale meanings that can result from their accumulation. The work weaves around the gallery’s architecture and over major artworks from the museum’s permanent collection, to serve as both helpful foil as well as a meditation on the continuum of human expression

Then I went next door and saw a great exhibit at The Dallas Museum of Art.

Ida O’Keefe, Escaping Georgia’s Shadow.

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