Kozy Kitchen Grand Opening

A hole in the heart of Lakewood is about to be filled with the arrival of Kozy Lakewood, a transplanted restaurant that opens this week in the recently departed SugarBacon and Dixie House spot!

Kozy prospered at 4433 McKinney Ave. for 15 years, where it became known for its healthy focus and quirky style. The quaint and cozy BYOB spot on McKinney will transform to a restaurant with a full bar that slings beer, wine, and custom cocktails in Lakewood. Kozy’s menu touting local organic ingredients will largely stay the same.

Mainstays of Kozy’s arsenal are giant-portioned plates filled with veggies and a “side” of meat or eggs (for breakfast) instead of the typical American method of filling up on proteins and carbs. The gluten-free crowd will be glad to find the same salads, soups, and giant bowls of gluten-free pasta like grilled chicken penne alfredo and blackened shrimp spaghetti carbonara. Plus, breakfast omelets and tacos will be on deck, and for dessert, nearly a dozen rotating flavors of gluten-free layered cakes, along with cookies and brownies sans gluten.

When: Now
Where: 6400 Gaston Avenue
Website : Kozy Kitchen
Price : Varies

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