It’s always exciting when you arrive at your destination.

Morocco has been on my list for a very long time. I was completely giddy when I boarded my AIR IBERIAN flight from Spain to this exotic, ancient land in North Africa.

The colors, the textures, the scents, the sounds, the architecture, and the people. An explosion of the senses. What a delight this International mosaic of a country brings forth. Even the call for prayer invokes a special feeling within…

My journey took me to the city of Marrakech.

The serendipity of life and the boutique hotel called El-Finn. I had just attended the ground breaking of Sir Richard Branson’s new Dallas Hotel in the Design District. One of my clients introduced me to her friend and I received this text the very next day.

Hello Scott. This is Lucrecia (Vivian’s friend)
Here is the name of the Riad in Marrakech
It’s small and beautiful.
It’s right there by the Medina.
Have a great time.

Done. Patrick my assistant arranged my room as I left for the airport. For I’ve been too busy with my Real Estate to focus on my hotel. (As they say, if you want to drum up some business, plan a trip and the Real Estate Gods will lay upon you.)

The wild thing is when I arrived at the hotel, I found out that Richard Brandon’s sister, Vanessa Branson, is the owner and developer of this intimate and architectural timeless jewel of a place called El-Finn. Just explore their website. You will book your trip immediately.

Another must visit is Royal Mansour for lunch, dinner, or a day at their spa. Simply breathtaking. I’ve never in my life experienced such profound beauty. Where dreams live and emotions are born. My palate was overwhelmed from the food. I’ve read that food is bliss and now I know. Beatitude!

Make a dinner reservation at Comptoir Darna fun, fun, and more FUN!!! Delicious food and authentic design. There is a hip DJ playing international music, live bands jamming throughout the night and they even have beautiful classic Belly Dancers. It’s even kind of cool to smoke that cigarette you think of every once and a long while!!!!

The best part of Morocco is the beingness. Just let life unfold. Follow the energy and your heart. The experiences and your new-found friends from around the world, will last your lifetime.

El-Finn Hotel

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