The new Pickletopia store devoted to all things pickled, is the second stop after a trip to Jimmy’s Food Store in East Dallas. Pick up the cured meats and cheeses at Jimmy’s, then head across the street for pickled okra and giardiniera at Pickletopia, where owner Lee Theilen has transformed a hobby into an artisan food enterprise.

When you walk into this small store, you’ll find a simple setup: a counter in back, a photo of downtown Dallas from the 1920s pasted on one wall, branding on the other and lots of barrels lined up on the floor. Whether you pickle things and submit them to the State Fair of Texas every year or don’t even have a jar of bread-and-butter pickles in your fridge, you’re going to learn or appreciate a little something here.

Studies have shown that eating fermented foods may help with everything from insulin resistance to inflammation. Sauerkraut, one of the most popular fermented foods worldwide, has been shown to have anticancer benefits, while eating yogurt regularly may reduce the risk of obesity. Drinking pickle juice has become a trend because of touted benefits related to muscle cramps, weight loss, diabetes, and more. Pickles can even boost your intake of antioxidants. The natural antioxidants found in all fruits and vegetables help in the fight against free radicals.

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