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chapel2I’m fascinated with Sacred Geometry.

I’ve been studying Sacred Geometry and Architecture for the past 25 years. My favorite place is Chartres Cathedral outside of Paris. In 1992, I was fortunate to attend a conference in Santa Fe with Keith Critchlow. titled “Arts and The Sacred”. Then again in 1994 in Crestone, Colorado.

While working on this most recent Exhibit at Shumei International Institute, I find out a new friend of mine was married to the great, great granddaughter of the Raymond Pitcairn family who was inspired and tried to replicate sacred geometry from Chartres Cathedral into the building of this magical, castle like mansion, now Museum!!!

Here’s a post I shared a few years back.

Glencairn is a castle-like mansion in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, that was home to the Pitcairn family for more than 40 years. Now the Glencairn Museum, it contains a collection of about 8,000 artworks, mostly religious in nature, from cultures such as ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and medieval Europe, as well as Islamic, Asian, and Native American works. The museum is affiliated with The New Church, and the building is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Rooted in the notion that religion is not only believed but lived, Glencairn seeks to stimulate reflection, build understanding, and foster empathy, contributing to the betterment of society by looking to the goodness in others and living a life of kindness.

For more information watch their award-winning 30-minute documentary film, “Embracing the Sacred: The Story of Glencairn Museum.” The film features spectacular aerial photography, rare archival footage, and historic photographs.

Glencairn Museum

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