Real Estate Broker : Scott Carlson


This year, when I opened the envelope and received “D Best” certificate in the mail, it got me thinking about my Real Estate career, Lakewood, and the city of Dallas. I looked up the word BEST in the dictionary. I contemplated this word and its meaning.

My success…My BEST, is that I have the BEST clients! Lakewood is the BEST neighborhood in America! Dallas is the BEST city. Texas is the BEST state in the union! The company that purchased my real estate firm, Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty is the BEST! I have the BEST real estate assistant, Patrick Bukowitz. I have the BEST parents and family. My friends and neighbors are the BEST!


As we celebrate July 4th, the birth of our nation, and the expression of our freedom, we can acknowledge that we are blessed to live in the BEST Country on the Planet!!!

Thank you to all my wonderful clients for your trust and confidence and in choosing me to represent you in purchasing and selling your magnificent homes. Thank you Lakewood and White Rock Lake for your amazing beauty and for being such a dynamic community. Thankyou Robbie Briggs for believing in me, holding a vision of Integrity, and sharing your grace! Thank you America for giving me my freedom to allow my BEST to shine forth.

Happy Birthday America!!!

Link : D Magazine

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