Restaurant : Off The Cuff


“Off the Cuff” is a neighborhood sports bar concept in Deep Ellum with the goal of becoming a high-volume environment where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. The phrase “Off the Cuff” originated in the United States during the Great Depression Era, meaning spontaneous or without prior preparation.

While some are lauding the many changes forever altering the fabric of Deep Ellum, some argue that the addition of upscale bars and restaurants, along with office buildings and luxury apartments, are diluting the neighborhood’s cultural and artistic significance. The founders of Off the Cuff, Deep Ellum’s newest bar and dining outpost, hope to create a homey space that stays true to the roots of Deep Ellum.

Off the Cuff’s food menu will boast six signature sandwiches, including the Fidel Castro ($14), made with Cuban mojo shaved pork, Black Forest ham, red pepper honey mustard, dill pickle and baby Swiss cheese.

Signature cocktails include the Rye’d or Die ($13), Off the Cuff’s version of an old-fashioned, made with Knob Creek Rye, brown sugar syrup and signature bitters. They will also offer a tequila-based old-fashioned called the Pablo Escobar ($14).

Off The Cuff

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