Crestone, Colorado


Disneyland for God!

The mountain first called me in 1994 for a 2-week conference titled “The Arts of The Sacred”. I studied sacred geometry, sacred cannon, sacred pattern and sacred painting (I painted an Icon of Jesus in the Coptic style).

My dear friends David and Darlene Yarbrough moved to Crestone hosting the conference with Kairos out of London. After many retreat visits, I attended a course titled “Christ and the Divine Feminine”. This is when a house called out to me and I purchased my retreat home in Crestone, at the feet of The Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range. This means “The blood of Christ” due to its stunning pinkish/violet/red shade at sunset.

Heaven on Earth.

There are over 30 spiritual communities and ancient lineages in Crestone. The energy is very powerful and conducive for meditation. It’s so quiet you can actually hear the silence. The hiking is the best! The stars are so bright at night that you can feel the universe at your fingertips. The Blue Sky People is what the Native American Indians were called in this no man’s land of pure beauty and light.

One morning I attended the sacred fire ceremony at the Haidakhandi Universal Ashram. Then I went to meditate with my beloved Jesus at the Carmelite Monastery. Next hiking to the Ziggurat, the stairway to heaven and completed my day by meditating with the sunset at the Tibetan Stupa. This is why I call it Disneyland for God! My retreat house is located across from the 100 acres that of all people, Shirley MacLaine owned. You never know who your neighbors will be.

Watch the videos below to experience the beauty and history of how Crestone came to be.

A Place of the Heart

America’s Spiritual Centre

Prices are still amazingly low, so now is your chance to have your own retreat house.

Darlene Yarbrough Real Estate

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