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Many people lately have been asking me a lot about meditation. I share mostly that meditation is a sacred practice and an art form. I’ve learned over these many years that with my personal practice, meditation teaches meditation. Having a regular time and daily schedule I have found is the best approach. And the key to meditation is not to judge your experience. Have fun with it. Your “attention” to your “intention” of this practice is all that matters. One minute of mediation one day can turn into 5 minutes another day then that can turn into 10 minutes. A Meditation Practice.

The discipline and joy of meditation.

Out of all the many styles and tools for meditation, I have found that this CD, Meditation Instructions, is the easiest and the most thorough. So go on line and purchase this gift to yourself and start your daily practice today!

These instructions lead the meditator gently and naturally into Siddha Yoga meditation. In each of the two meditation sessions, meditation master Gurumayi Chidvilisananda teaches meditation posture, yogic breathing, and mantra repetition. Following These beautiful and powerful instructions, each CD continues with a period for you to practice meditation, accompanied by the calming sounds of the tamboura.

Also, for those of you who have a hatha yoga or physical yoga practice, I invite you to ask your yoga instructor to please add a least 5 more minutes of Shavasna to your yoga class. Please don’t cheat yourself of this important and powerful awareness. A lot of teachers are so focused on the asana’s or poses that they forget the whole goal of the yoga class is to prepare the student for the meditation pose at the end of class called SHAVASANA. If yoga teachers around the world would offer 20 minutes of shavasana to the end of class…WOW that would be awesome!!!!

Siddha Yoga Meditation Instructions

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