WildQuest Human Dolphin Connection



This is one of the coolest things I have ever done down here on Planet Earth.

I highly recommend this enchanting and beautiful journey … swimming and being with these amazing sea angels will certainly change your life. The Joy, Freedom, Spontaneity and Presence you experience will take you to this amazing place deep in your heart. You can even bring your kids.

Located on the ancient mystical Island of Bimini. Only a short 20 minute flight from Ft Lauderdale.

Bimini means Mother of Many Waters. Deserted white sand beaches, shimmering crystal clear warm waters, welcoming islanders, funky colourful architecture, reggae and restaurants.

Some say Bimini is home to the ancient ‘lost City of Atlantis’; more recently the island was infamous as a favourite location for rum-­runners during Prohibition. Today this gem of a playground has become known as the deep-­sea fishing-­capital of the world (Earnest Hemingways favorite) and the very best place to swim with wild dolphins.

Sacred Journey Retreats are run by the resident WildQuest crew. Kind, knowledgeable, full of heart and very friendly. The team is expert in taking care of your every need, on the boat and on land. More like friends in a ‘human pod’, the crew, have been working together for many years, with one goal: to create a Sacred Journey into the dolphins’ world, for you to meet the majesty of the ocean and most importantly, the sacred within you.

Yoga and Meditation are a main part of each Sacred Journey week, (but optional if you’d rather do your own thing). Designed to relax you ready to meet the dolphins from a rested, stilled space. The easier you breathe on land and in the water, the easier it is to connect with the dolphins.

Week-long Dolphin Swim In The Caribbean

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