An open letter to Mayor-elect of Dallas


Nature is always a great teacher and this past Sunday, We the city of Dallas, had a natural bomb dropped on us…literally.

I have read that the element of water represents the purification of the emotions and of course the physical component of our 3rd dimensional reality as well. I reckon that it’s no coincidence that the day after our City Elections, we are now going through a cleansing…a purging so to speak. A clean slate for our council members and a brand-new mayor of our brilliant city, Dallas, Texas!

My understanding is many of the new council members have young children including Mayor-Elect Johnson. I’m hoping this is good news for our education system and the welfare of our city’s children.

This came through my feed a few days after the Election and it made me contemplate what my letter to the new mayor would be.

Dallas Morning News Article

Here are my 5 suggestions to make Dallas a better City:

1. Please finally Fix our Roads! Facebook Campaign
2. Support the Local Arts. (Yes. Restore The Kalita Humphreys Theater)
3. Teach our young students the art & practice of meditation
4. Plant more trees
5. Pay close attention to the details in the City Hall’s Budget (The Truth of our city’s aspirations is revealed)

Send your list of suggestions to Mayor-Elect Johnson

When : Now
Where : Dallas County
Website : City of Dallas
Price : Free

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