Dallas Mayoral Race

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It’s election time again for City Mayor. Here is some great information for all of you to help navigate this year’s choices.

Quite frankly, the candidate that will get my vote is the one who will really fix our roads. (Laura Miller promised this years ago and it never happened) Dallas roads are pitiful. I’ve visited 3rd world countries that have better roads then Dallas.

Fix our Roads

Here’s a Facebook page that local realtors (us) have put together to support this critical cause. I have many relocation clients that come to Dallas from other cities and are shocked at the condition of our roads. You would think that with all the new construction the city council would make it mandatory for the developers to completely redo the roads in front of their projects rather than a poor patch job, that degrades within the year.

Thirteen candidates declared campaigns for Dallas Mayor ahead of the filing deadline. One dropped out voluntary, while three failed to qualify, which left nine candidates for the May ballot.

When it comes to voting for mayor, Dallas citizens usually take a pass. As a result, we’ll be leaving it to a tiny fraction of eligible voters to cast the votes that will set Dallas’ direction for years to come. Last time around, only 6 percent of us voted, the worst turnout of any of America’s 30 largest cities.

Dallas is rock-bottom in voter turnout

When : Now – Saturday, May 4
Where : Dallas
Website : Dallas Mayoral Candidates
Price : $0

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