Hidden Architectural Wonders of Downtown Dallas

A chance to see downtown Dallas through the lens of architecture. Architectural Walking Tours of Downtown Dallas, it’s a venture launched by Jay Cantrell, an architecture teacher and resident of downtown since 2005. Cantrell, who already is noted for his architectural sketches, decided he wanted to highlight via a walking tour some of the extraordinary buildings that shape the architectural landscape of the Central Downtown Business district.

He also gets into areas people might not know about or have access to. “I get them into the basements and the rooftops,” he says. “After living down here, I have a few connections.” His primary area has been central downtown, which includes the Kirby building, the Adolphus, the Joule, and the Wilson.

“I also do another on the east section of downtown that focuses on the buildings around Main Street Garden,” he says. “That includes the Statler, the 1900 Elm building by George Dahl, and the Hotel Indigo. It’s one of our few Spanish colonial buildings downtown. A lot of people are surprised by all the hand carving that building has. This was before they had tools like lasers.”

When: Now until April 30
When : Saturdays and Sundays (weather permitting) 1pm-2:30pm
Where : Downtown Dallas
Website : Find Tour Schedule Here
Price : $20

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