Virgin Hotel Opening

I have not been this excited about a new significant Architectural & Development site in Dallas since Museum Tower Launched Downtown.

It’s always brilliant when you trust and are in the serendipitous of life. I was able to Attend the ground Breaking of the New Dallas Virgin Hotel In 2016 a few days before I was to leave for a trip to ancient Egypt. I planned to explore Morocco on the way and had not yet figured out where I would stay. After Sir Richard Branson rode in on his white horse and red cowboy hat to break ground with a crew of wonderful local Shakers and Makers, A women next to me shared she had just come back from Morocco and stayed at Sir Richards Sister, Vanessa Branson’s, stunning RIAD in Marrakech called El Fin. Bingo, I scored and was able to book a room… Lucky # 21.

Virgin Hotel in Dallas is an architectural beauty that will be completed in 2019. This $108 million-dollar structure is inspired by a glossy white Jeep Grand Cherokee. Finished with a mid-century design, this building will have a translucent color and is designed to change as the sun, clouds and lights rotate around the sculpture-like building. The color of the hotel will never appear the same!


El Fenn

When: 2019
Where: 1923 Hi Line Dr, Dallas, TX 75207
Website : Virgin Hotel
Price : Free

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