September 5 : The Space Between


The Goss-Michael Foundation was founded in June 2007 by recording artist George Michael and his partner Kenny Goss. Art lovers and avid collectors, the couple has been promoting art in one way or another for over a decade. Often splitting their time between Dallas and London, they became friends and acquaintances with many of the artists in the so-called YBA movement. While building a considerable collection of works produced by this now infamous generation of artists, Goss and Michael began to feel there was a void within the Dallas arts community for the British contemporary art that had begun to define so many of the current artistic trends. It is their personal conviction that art is meant to be shared, discussed and seen, not simply by collectors, who are financially able to purchase such works, but by everyone.

The Goss-Michael Foundation is pleased to present The Space Between, a major solo show of new work from British artist Adam Ball. Expanding on previous themes, The Space Between sees Ball working with a new sense of scale and urgency as he confronts mankind’s inexorable desire for progress. Through an intensive process of layering and combining source material including lab-produced slides of his own DNA, man-made mechanical parts and images from the natural world, the artist has created his own unique visual language – at once abstract yet somehow instinctively familiar.

When: September 5 – October 4
Where: The Goss-Michael Foundation 1405 Turtle Creek Blvd.
Cost: Free
Info: Goss-Michael Foundation

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