“We were selling our 1926 restored Tudor that we lived in for 22 years, and we didn’t have a lot of knowledge on what to ask or expect from a Realtor.  So, we interviewed four Realtors before Scott Carlson.  All four Realtors brought in recent sales and square footage prices.  This was December 2012, and the real estate market was heating up.  The comparable sales and square footage did not reflect that market reality…..nor did the listing prices they suggested to us. 

 Enter Scott Carlson with enthusiasm about our house and its uniqueness.  He was well aware of the low inventory and high demand in our East Dallas neighborhood, and he presented a listing price reflecting that.  It would have been at our financial disadvantage to sign on with anyone but Scott!  None of the other Realtors came in close and our house sold in eight days! “

Bob and Frances Dezzany

5403 Ridgedale Avenue



“We had the absolute pleasure of working with Scott and Patrick in finding a new home in the Dallas area. Moving from Austin and never having used a realtor

To fully convey how great we think Scott and Patrick are, let me start off by saying there are not many realtors my husband and I care for. Up until now, we have bought and sold all of our properties on our own….until we met Scott by happenstance one afternoon.  Scott kept in touch at a friendly distance until we were ready to move, and when we were – he was on it!  

Hands down, Scott and Patrick are THE best!  There is no one out there like them – kind, caring, connected, communicative, responsive and fast!  They helped us find a house in one day and navigated some very intricate and involved situations flawlessly.  They were always present whenever we needed them, at the house or on the phone. 

We SO enjoyed working with them…to the point of missing them now!!  We would consider them both friends more than realtors we worked with, and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a house in Lakewood.”

Christopher & Lindsey Richards

6617 Lakeshore Drive



“Scott and Patrick,

We want to thank you both for listing our home with your company. It makes a big difference working with a professional that has lived in and represented the neighborhood for many many years. Local is best, and the proof is evidenced by the results. You listed our home at a reasonable asking price, based on all the recent comparable properties sold in the area. We received several offers within 24 hours, and more after the very first and only open house a few days later. All offers were above the asking price. Your comments and suggestions with regard to staging and presenting our home to the public were spot on. We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know that lives in the East Dallas area, or who wish to move here. It is people like you and companies like yours that make this enclave in Dallas a special place to live. I will miss Lakewood and the East Dallas area tremendously, as our family has lived here for 30 years.”

Tim & Gilda Short

7222 Brookcove Ln.



“I would highly recommend Scott Carlson Realty to anyone relocating, selling or buying in the Lakewood/ East Dallas area.  He sold my house during a lull in the market and then helped me find the perfect house to buy.  Patrick was particularly patient as I looked at many houses.  They had sound advice on what to buy and what not to buy and helped me mesh my wants and needs with a good real estate decision.  So happy I listened and worked with his team.”

Pam Garnett

6849 Southridge Dr.



“Scott Carlson and your team-
Thank you for your excellent service, providing your knowledge and expertise of the market,  getting a contract within 2 weeks, and for making the entire home selling process from start to finish smooth and hassle free.  Job well done Scott Carlson and team!!!”
Kelly Moss
7323 Coronado Ave.



“We used Scott in December 2011 to sell our home in lower Greenville Avenue. We had attempted to sell our home twice before without success. Once we hired Scott, the whole process was very smooth and our home sold in record time, getting full asking price. From the listing of our old home, to the closing of our new home, Scott and his team were extremely professional and made the whole process of selling and buying a property very straight forward”

Paul Greenwood

7160 Brookcove Ln.



“My wife and I enjoyed a very pleasant and productive experience working with Scott.  Besides being most knowledgeable about the East Dallas/Lakewood market, Scott is an extremely personable individual to interact with.”  

Neil Casey

6001 Swiss Ave.



“Scott Carlson Real Estate is a real estate company that truly listens to you – even when you haven’t said a word! Scott anticipated our needs and made the whole process of buying and selling our homes very easy. He was able to handle all of the delicate negotiations in a fair and professional manner. We always felt that he had our best interest in mind and that he truly cared about the entire process as well as the outcome.

Our situation was unique in that we had lived in our home for 20 years and we were not actively looking to move. We knew Scott just from seeing him in the neighborhood for many years and he new that we were actually living out of two homes that were next door to each other. He had listed a home a few blocks from us that was a perfect fit and eventually negotiated a “trade.” They needed something smaller and we needed something larger. We not only found a beautiful new home, we also made a new friend!”

Sylvia & David Carlson

7006 Lakewood Blvd.



“A couple of years after our daughter was born, we looked to Scott Carlson to help us sell our first home to accommodate our new family. Over the past sixteen plus years he helped us buy and sell two more homes where we lived  six years and ten years respectively.The neighborhood is Lakewood. Our story doesn’t end but thankfully continues in the “Empty Nester” home that Scott  helped us close on last year. Pretty sure he knows Lakewood.”

Jim & Donna Epps

6521 Bob O Link Dr.



“One of the main deciding factorsin choosing a Realtorfor the sale of a Hutsell house that I was selling as an executor and former Hutsell home owner, was Scott’s enthusiasm in marketing a Hutsell house and his knowledge and experience of the Lakewood and East Dallas areas.

Scott’s accurate listing price allowed the home to sale quickly. The sales price was higher than any  listing price recommended by other Realtors .  .”

Larry Symns

7327  Lakewood Blvd.



“I had the pleasure of working with bothScott Carlson and Patrick Bukowitz on my search for “the perfect home.”  Relocating from the Northeast to the Dallas Metro area was filled with many challenges, but each of them was there to professionally and patiently guide me thru the new home search process.  After numerous attempts to find my castle in Lakewood, and repeated near misses, the S&P team shifted gears and found me a spectacular tri level “brownstone” (what we call a multi-level condo in the Northeast) inquietly urban uptown at a killer price.  The home was literally in move in condition, and boasts a gorgeous view of the downtown skyline from a third floor terrace.  These dudes know what they are doing!”

John Cushman

2925 Hallsville St.



“My husband and I have purchased two homes and dealt with several real estate agents. Scott is by far the most professional, impressive as well as caring real estate agent we have worked with.When selling our house I interviewed several real estate agents and choose to work with Scott. I trusted his confidence and enthusiasm about selling our house and I am glad that I did. Scott and his team made what could have been an extremely stressful event go exceptionally well. They had plenty of resources to help us get the house ready for sale and were easily accessible throughout the  entire process.  Scott’s representation definitely made the difference in getting the closing deal we desired and I would recommend Scott Carlson without a doubt.”

Chantel Adams

6816 Casa Loma Ave.



“I used Patrick Bukowitz as my real estate agent to help me with my first home purchase.  Patrick was very helpful and always available to assist me in my search for a home.  Not only was his phone on 24/7 to help with researching different listings and setting up walkthroughs, he was also providing me with basically limitless resources and information to help with making a decision on a home in the location I wanted and at the price point I could afford.  As a first time homebuyer, he helped set me up with a mortgage broker, an electrician, a plumber, and a general construction contractor to do any remodel work I needed for whatever home purchase I made.  He also made available resources to meet with experienced interior designers for consultation on remodel work I would be doing.  After hours upon hours of research and countless walkthroughs, I eventually purchased a home I am very happy with.  My entire homebuyer experience was very enjoyable and went entirely at my pace.  I never felt rushed to make a decision or pushed to try and spend more than I was comfortable with.  I could not be more pleased with my purchase and with my real estate agent.”

Adam Tibbitts

6633 Fisher Rd.



“I highly recommend Scott Carlson to help you with selling your East Dallas home. I interviewed several agents, and he easily was the most knowledgeable–not only of the market, in general, but also of the special features of our home and how they compared and contrasted with other homes in the area. Scott is creative, bright, and energetic. He is willing to invest the resources necessary to get the job done.

Scott is a true professional. With respect to marketing our home, Scott listened to us and respected our wishes when he could. He was not afraid to politely push back, however, when our ideas conflicted with, or were a hindrance, to our mutual goal of selling our home as quickly as possible at the best possible price.

Scott treated us with respect. It’s obvious that he did not just think of us in terms of earning a commission; he truly cared about helping our family move on with our lives to a new neighborhood. For example, we represented ourselves in purchasing our new home; Scott shared his advice and expertise with us freely and generously through that process, even though he did not financially benefit from it.

In the end, Scott did help us sell our home quickly and for the best price. He walked us through and explained every step of the process, including showing up at closing to help with any potential issues there. Working with any one other than Scott Carlson to sell your East Dallas home would be a big mistake. We have no regrets from working with Scott, and would do it all over again.”

Bobby Rubarts

7023 Lakewood Blvd.



“We have known Scott for over 16 years through 2 house purchases and sales. His integrity is impeccable and he is a pleasure to work with.”

Jane Fergason

7320 Lakewood Blvd.



“I used Scott Carlson for both the sale of my house and the purchase of a new one.  Both experiences were great.  I knew the first time I met Scott that he was very committed to selling my house.   He had an energy level and enthusiasm that I had not seen in other brokers. His ideas on staging the house helped us sell quickly and at a good price.  When I bought the next house, both Scott and Patrick Bukowitz were involved.  The house was an older property in need of a major renovation.  Scott and Patrick had very good ideas and put me in touch with a contractor who did an excellent job.  If I’m ever in the market again, I will certainly call on Scott.”

Lori & Jack Lilley

7120 Brookcove Ln.